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We have a standard of excellence we insist upon in our recruitment of top notch candidates. Because of our long term commitment to finding the best childcare possible, we search for a wide selection of candidates to meet your family's needs. We are the agency your family will come to rely on for years to come!

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Temporary Services

  • Temporary Nanny
  • Overnight Nanny
  • Newborn Night Nanny
  • Elder Care (Non-medical)
  • Summer
  • Hotel Care
  • Pet Care
  • Tutoring
  • Corporate
  • Travel
  • Cooking
  • Gardening
  • Party Assistant
  • Errand Services
  • Grocery Shopping

Temporary Services FAQ

Are Temporary Candidates guaranteed?

A. No, Temporary Candidates like Babysitters, are subject to availability. Because our Temporary Candidates choose to work a varied and flexible schedule, many are pre-booked by families, businesses, or they may accept a permanent position. The number and schedules change day to day. Because of so many factors we can not guarantee someone will be available. We suggest you call as soon as possible and we will try our very best to accommodate your request.

Can I get the same Temporary Candidate every time?

A. We will try to accommodate your request for the same Candidate, but cannot guarantee the same person each time. Your schedule's will not always match or they have been previously requested and have accepted another job. Many the Candidates may prefer the flexibility of short-term positions and accept temporary positions with many different temporary services. Others may accept temporary jobs while searching for a permanent position or in conjunction with their permanent job.

Can I meet the Temporary Candidates ahead of time?

A.Temporary Candidates work by the hour, they are not available to interview for every short-term assignment. If your request is for multiple days and we can provide the same person, we will arrange an interview previous to hire. You will be required to compensate the Candidate for the 3 hour minimum for the interview. If you hire a Candidate please arrange to have them come 30 minutes to 1 hour ahead of time to familiarize her with your children, house or other types of temporary positions by scheduling extra time into the first assignment. This way you will be able to meet with and discuss particulars before you have to leave.

Do you provide last minute services?

A.Many of our Temporary Candidates are booked ahead of time, if your request is same day, late at night or very early in the morning with no notice for an immediate request, please do not count on us. You are welcome to leave a voicemail, if we can accommodate your request, we are happy to help out.

What about if my child is home sick from school or day care?

A.We Do Not provide care for sick children. The risk of a Temporary Nanny becoming ill and/or spreading illness to other homes is too great.

How do I pay for Services?

A.Temporary Agency Service Fees are billed per day - payment for Temporary Services MUST be pre-paid and is due IMMEDIATELY upon confirmation of hire of the Candidate. You are responsible for negotiating the hourly rate and all related job details. We are a Referral Agency only, Candidate is NOT AN EMPLOYEE of Nannies of the Rockies LLC AT ANY TIME.* You must pay for services BEFORE a Candidate is used*, please see our "Placement Fee" tab.

Cancellation Policy?

A.Once a booking has been confirmed with the client, ALL Agency Fee's must be paid immediately to confirm booking and are NON-REFUNDABLE. If the client cancels with less than 48 hours notice, the client agrees to also pay the 4 hour minimum to the Temporary Candidate. If Candidate cancels, we will attempt to replace their services, this is subject to availability of additional Temporary Candidates. If Candidate cancels, unused time will be banked for future use based on availability.

To begin your nanny search:

1.Simply call us

Simply call our offices to speak with an agency representatives in regard to your childcare or other specific employment needs. We will explain how our agency works, the placement process, our replacement and fee options and answer any additional questions you may have!

  • (303) 513-7733
  • (303) 499-2002
  • Scan Call for details!

A $200 Temporary Services Registration Fee is due in order to receive your registration packet. We will then schedule your Registration packet delivery.

Once you have completed the registration packet and signed your contract, you may call us to pick it up or scan it to us If your paperwork is scaned, we require you to mail the hard copy to:

  • Nannies of the Rockies LLC
  • P.O. Box 3097
  • Boulder, Colorado 80307

2. Hiring Process

After receiving your Registration packet, we will start a Temporary Candidate search any time you have submitted the Request Form online. We will search to match your individual needs to the information we have on each candidate. Nannies of the Rockies LLC / Coast To Coast Nannies LLC refers those candidates that we feel best meet your needs, based on information you have posted on your job description, written on your Registration packet, and/or conveyed verbally to Nannies of the Rockies, LLC / Coast To Coast Nannies LLC. These Candidates are chosen based on qualifications, personality, style, availability, and availability. We are a Referral Agency only, the Candidates are not our employees at any time. You solely make the decision to hire Candidate. * See contract for details

We will speak with the candidates about their potential interest in your position. We will also contact you once a Temporary Candidate is located. You are then given the opportunity to speak the Candidate to arrange job details. Details must be listed on your Request Form. Please note that any Temporary Childcare is for care of the children only and does not include additional duties utilized in permanent Nanny placements. Once a Candidate accepts your job verbally, they will fill out their "Job Acceptance" form and you are required to IMMEDIATELY fill out the "Confirmation of Hire" form. Your next step is paying any Fees applicable to the hire immediately after sending your "Confirmation of Hire". Until we receive the form and payment, the candidate placement is not confirmed and they may be placed in another available position. We take the utmost care to search for the very best candidates. Our Candidates may post their individual profile on line for your review if they choose. We encourage you and the Candidates to discuss all aspects of the position prior to hire. Details regarding the position should match on both parties confirmation forms. We want you to be happy with your choice!


Type of Temporary Placement Agency Fees Pay Fees

Temporary Services Registration


(There is an additional processing fee)
NOTE:A $200.00 Registration Fee (plus processing fee) is due to receive your Family Registration Packet and begin a search for your Temporary Nanny! Use of services begins upon receipt of your Registration Fee, completed Family Registration forms and signed contract. All jobs MUST be posted and requested through Nannies of the Rockies website system only! You may not contact candidates directly when requesting services!
M-F Daytime Nanny
 (7am to 6pm - less than 24 hrs notice - $25)

Evening Babysitter
(6pm to 1am - less than 24 hrs notice - $15)
Weekend Daytime Babysitter
(7am to 6pm - less than 24 hrs notice - $25)
Overnight Care $35/day
Newborn Night Nanny $20/night
Elder Care (Non-medical) $20/day
Summer Call for rates Contact Us
Corporate Staffing $20/day
Hotel Care/ Out of Town Guest
Pet Care $15/Day-$20/Overnight
Tutoring $25/day
Travel $35/day
House Cleaning Call for rates Contact Us
Gardening $25/day
Party Assistant $25/day
Errand Services $20/hr plus mileage
Grocery Shopping $25/day
Personal Shopper $25/day

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