JR - $15-$20/hr TEMP P.T. Nanny for 5 Month old Happy & Mellow Baby in Boulder! Start April 4, 2016

Nanny Job Details

Job ID: 5417
Location: Boulder, CO

Meet The Family

Please describe your family:
Mom, Dad and 5 month old baby boy.

Please describe why you are looking for a nanny:
We need a temporary nanny as we are new to Boulder!

Describe the child(ren) you need a nanny for:
Happy and mellow 5 month baby boy.

Describe your home setting: Relocating to CO so will be staying in a hotel for the next couple of months.

We are interested in the following:
On Call Babysitter
Nanny, Temporary


How long do you need a Nanny?
Less than 6 months

Nanny, live-out

What tasks/errands do you expect your nanny to perform?
Just giving full attention to the baby and anything associated with typical nanny duties.

What activities do you want your nanny to do with your child?

What special certifications/requirements are you looking for?
CPR and at least 3 years of experience with infants.

Does this position require a valid driver's license?

Does this position require a car?

When will this position be available?

How many hours do you need a nanny for? Is this short-term, or longer?
Monday-Thursday 9am-3 or 4pm.

How much are you willing to pay? Do you offer benefits?

Do you have any pets or animals in your home?

What else are you looking for in a nanny?
We are looking for someone to keep and play with our 5 month old...he is the most lovable and happy baby! : )

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