B.W. - $18-$20 - F.T. Nanny for Active, Outdoor Family with 4 Yr old & 1 Yr old! ASAP!

Nanny Job Details

Job ID: 5441
Location: Superior, CO

Meet The Family

Please describe your family:
We are an active family of four with a love of nature and the outdoors. Living a healthy, active lifestyle is very important to us. Our idea of a perfect day is spending quality family time together exploring the outdoors.

Please describe why you are looking for a nanny:
Both mom and dad work full-time with occasional travel. However, we will never be required to travel at the same time. We each have an office in our home so it is important our nanny be comfortable with parents who work from home. With that being said, we will not interfere during your work day. This arrangement is nothing new for our family, so both our 4-year old son and 1 year old daughter are already used to mom and dad working from home, and understand we are not available during this time. The nanny we are looking for will be part of our family and provide safe, kind and loving care for our children. We are looking for an energetic person who will form a close relationship with our children. Someone who has good initiative to set up interesting and creative activities each week.

Describe the child(ren) you need a nanny for:
Our son is an energetic 4-year old boy who loves to play outside. When not outside, you can find Ethan with his second love, anything related to cars, trucks or trains. He has a vivid imagination and loves to build with Legos. He also enjoys music, reading, puzzles and all sorts of different art projects. Our son will be starting pre-school in August, he will be doing 5 half days a week. Our 1 year old daughter is a very happy baby with a huge appetite. She has been walking for 2 months and tries desperately to keep up with her big brother, her hero. She loves exploring new things, and like her big brother she loves to be outside.

Describe your home setting: We live in a 2-story home located in the Rock Creek subdivision of Superior. Each child has their own room on the 2nd floor. In addition, we have a playroom on the main level. Outside there is a play set in our backyard along with a grass area for play. We also have a deck to enjoy meals outside on a nice afternoon. Our neighborhood has several walking trails along with multiple playgrounds near by. We also have a community pool within walking distance of our home to be used during the summer months. Due to our very busy schedules we try very hard to keep an organized home, although some days are better than others.

We are interested in the following:
On Call Babysitter
Nanny, Permanent
Nanny, Temporary


How long do you need a Nanny?
1 Year

Nanny, live-out

What tasks/errands do you expect your nanny to perform?
General childcare related tasks: Provide healthy snack/meals, children's laundry, clean-up after children in play areas (bedrooms, playroom, outside, load/empty dishwasher periodically, keep floors/counters clean on main level.

What activities do you want your nanny to do with your child?
Develop weekly schedules that includes art projects, various learning activities, reading, outdoor activities, and playtime. With our daughter: age appropriate play (sensory activities, walks around the neighborhood, reading, interactive gross motor play) as she progresses in age. Keep a daily log provided by family - and most of all HAVE FUN!!!

What special certifications/requirements are you looking for?
CPR Certified, Experience with multiple children. Experience with 1 year olds and pre-school aged children a must.

Does this position require a valid driver's license?

Does this position require a car?

When will this position be available?

How many hours do you need a nanny for? Is this short-term, or longer?
Guaranteed 40 hours per week, might offer extra hours occasionally if you are available. Require flexibility as it relates to start and stop time.

How much are you willing to pay? Do you offer benefits?
$18-$20 per hour. Paid vacation. Sick days.

Do you have any pets or animals in your home?

What else are you looking for in a nanny?
Open communication, patience, trust, reliability and a loving demeanor are a must. We are looking for someone with a positive attitude and enough energy to keep up with our 2 very energetic children. We want someone who will mirror our parenting style, which we will discuss during the interview process. We are open to trying new things to work through behavior or developmental challenges together, as long as they are discussed and agreed upon first.

Additional comments:
We look forward to meeting you!