Sarah - $18-$22 10+ Hrs P.T. - Tuesdays for One Year Old Boy. ASAP!

Nanny Job Details

Job ID: 5466
Location: Louisville, CO

Meet The Family

Please describe your family:
We are a fun-loving, easygoing family with a humorous, happy one-year-old son.

Please describe why you are looking for a nanny:
I work part-time as a doctor and my husband is a lawyer. Grandma is able to watch our son some days each week.

Describe the child(ren) you need a nanny for:
Our son is full of energy, friendly, and loves to make other people laugh! He is very curious and loves to move!

Describe your home setting: My husband, son, and I live in a two bedroom condo while we are waiting to move into our new four bedroom house at the end of April. The new house is close to a lot of parks, open space, and is close to downtown Louisville.

We are interested in the following:
On Call Babysitter
Nanny, Permanent
Nanny, Temporary


How long do you need a Nanny?
1 Year

Nanny, live-out

What tasks/errands do you expect your nanny to perform?
Light housekeeping and/or shopping, light cooking for child and/or family.

What activities do you want your nanny to do with your child?
Reading, home games, going to the park, and flexible with out of home activities that you would like to do(ex take to zoo, story time, etc).

What special certifications/requirements are you looking for?
CPR certification and nanny experienced with infants/toddlers required.

Does this position require a valid driver's license?

Does this position require a car?

When will this position be available?

How many hours do you need a nanny for? Is this short-term, or longer?
Need long-term nanny for every Tuesday from 7:15am-530pm. May have additional hours if desired, which could include: half days, nights, and weekends.

How much are you willing to pay? Do you offer benefits?
$18-$22 per hour based on experience. No benefits as part-time.

Do you have any pets or animals in your home?
One small dog, if you do not like pets we can put her in a room for the day.

What else are you looking for in a nanny?
Nanny must be reliable,, kind, and fun loving!

Additional comments:
Please contact Nannies of the Rockies LLC if you are interested in this position! 303-513-7733