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The Nanny or Babysitter has the following experience:
Since the age of 13, I have regularly babysat for families around my neighborhood and for children I work with at the child care center I am employed at. I have always had a love for being around children. I have many younger cousins whom I have babysat for, and have been a mothers helper as well. In 2008, I worked for a home daycare on my street when I would get out of school in the afternoon. My duties included getting children off the bus, assisting with homework, preparing snack, and engaging in outdoor gross motor play. I also helped the younger children by changing diapers, routine clean up, feedings, and various activities such as reading books, singing songs, and doing art projects. Throughout high school I continued to babysit for local families. During this time I was also employed at my fathers restaurant. Here I took in person and take out orders, served food to customers, and worked as a cashier handling money and credit card transactions. In Fall of 2012, I attended The University of North Carolina at Greensboro for one semester. I held a part time position in the History Department and completed tasks such as filing paperwork, answering phone calls, sorting mail, and covering lunch breaks. Upon returning home to attend a local community college, I had a renewed interest to seek employment working with children. That is when I decided to apply at the child care center which I am currently employed. I have been at the Learning Center since January 2, 2013. The first year I was employed, I worked as a floater between all of the classrooms, Infants through School Age. I loved this because I had the opportunity to work with each of the different age groups and I knew all of the children in the building. All of the children knew me as Miss Marissa and it was such a rewarding feeling to hear them say my name and know who I was at such a young age. During this time, I followed teacher lesson plans, curriculum, and daily schedule. In January of 2014, I became a teacher in a Two Year Old classroom and am currently still in this same room. Each and every day I manage my classroom, follow a structured schedule, assist with potty training, implement lesson planning and curriculum, positively redirect children, and have open communication with parents and co workers. I have experience working with Birth to 3 therapists and with children who have developmental delays or who are on the spectrum for Autism. These therapists and I have worked together to create individual plans for our children in need in order to help them be successful in the classroom and around their peers. I also frequently babysit for families who attend the child care center and value these personal relationships that I hold both at work and outside of work.
The Nanny or Babysitter has experience with the following age groups:
Currently working with a family with 4 boys under 6, including infants twins. I have a lot of experience is with 1 to 3 year old's. I have worked with children ranging from ages 4 to 12 when I was a floater in my first year at the child care center and am comfortable with all of these age groups.
The Nanny or Babysitter has the following interests and hobbies:
I love going to the gym, hiking, walking, and swimming. I was a competitive swimmer for 9 years and loved swimming all of the strokes. I enjoy any time I can get outside and in nature or at the beach. I LOVE the sunshine and embrace every sunny day! In my spare time you might find me reading a good book or listening to music. I am often downloading new songs to listen to on my iPod and in the car. I am passionate about traveling and will get on an airplane or in the car to go pretty much anywhere. To me, travel provides an educational experience that connects history, art, cultures and general knowledge. I love exploring new places and learning through travel. I have traveled extensively throughout the U.S., Spain, Mexico and the Bahamas.
Level of education:
Associates of Science in General Studies.
Do you have additional skills or certifications:
First Aid and CPR certified as of February 2015. Epi Pen and Medication trained.
Describe your childcare style:
My childcare style is based on a structured routine, consistency, and endless fun! Routine and consistency are extremely important to me because I like to be reassured that the children I work with know what to expect. When things are consistent, I notice the day goes a lot smoother. When our schedule is crazy and all over the place, this is when I notice children begin to act out and get fussy or upset. I use positive redirection with children in times of need or with behavioral issues. Only when absolutely necessary, a time out may be the best option. I talk with children at their level, in a calm tone, and with vocabulary I know they will understand. I base my day around social, emotional, physical, cognitive, and creative growth through dramatic play, music and movement, sensory play, fine and gross motor activities, blocks and manipulatives, and creative art activities. Children learn best through experience and exploration. I enjoy watching a child use the trial and error approach to a problem and seeing what skills they use to figure something out. I foster the importance of children always using their words to communicate and expressing what they are feeling at that very moment. I am a very nurturing, compassionate individual and enjoy seeing the day pass through the eyes of a child.
What activities do you like to do with children:
I love reading to children and making connections with them with stories and books. I enjoy sensory and art activities as well. I am a big advocate for process versus product. Though the product is usually quite awesome, the most important part to me is the process the children took to create the product. Role playing and dramatic play is another one of my favorites. I like to pretend and use my imagination with children to take on the role of someone else. Playing outside and doing gross motor activities is great as well. I love running around with children and playing games such as hide and go seek and duck duck goose. I would thoroughly enjoy taking children to go swimming or to the park. I would also like to bring children to places such as museums, science centers, and others places where they can learn through experience versus out of a text book. I really like to engage in all types of activities with children and my main priority is to make sure the child is interested and having a great time.
Why are you interested in working as a Nanny or Babysitter?
Children are curious, happy go lucky, and entertaining to be around! Working with them gives me satisfaction that I am helping them learn, grow, and making a difference in their life. I am interested in working as a Nanny because I am ready to work with children in a different setting. Being with a family will allow me to focus on a smaller number of children and to develop different personal relationships. Working with just one family will give me the opportunity to have one on one time and to really connect with the family. I love being a role model for children and strive to be someone who they look up to as an adult. My goal is to leave a lasting, positive effect on the children I work with. Working at the child care center has taught me many things I need to know to be successful and I am ready to take all I have learned and experienced and apply it to a nanny position. It is time to try something new and I am confident I will be successful. I am eager to learn more about being a nanny and all it has to offer.
What qualities are important in a Nanny or Babysitter?
A Nanny should be resourceful, dedicated, patient, creative, and compassionate. She should be confident and an excellent role model for children. It is extremely important that a Nanny is honest and trustworthy. A Nanny should be a good communicator and be able to have open conversations with parents without feeling they should hold anything back.
Additional comments:
I look forward to moving to Boulder, becoming a small part of a family, and embracing this new experience!