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My schedule can vary from week to week so I do have flexibility with my availability. I am looking for Part-time for 1 to 2 days per week, Temporary, and Babysitting opportunities with families.
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The Nanny or Babysitter has the following experience:
At the early age of 12 yrs old I started babysitting neighborhood families, this included everything ranging from newborns to a young boy with a disability. If you asked me what I wanted to be when I was little, it was without a doubt, a teacher. I loved anything to do about learning, school, and the experience. My choice of study in college was not surprisingly, Elementary Education at the University of Vermont which prepared me to spend many more years working with children. After college I taught in Boston and then moved to Vail, where I was a long term nanny for a family with 4 children, and later for another family of 3. Following nannying, I taught at an Elementary School. My teaching positions included Kindergarten, Reading Specialist, 3rd grade, after school program leader, as well as co-lead a kids summer camp. I also am certified as a Breakthrough Parenting Instructor. I am very excited to be adding this to my Coaching business as well as enhancing my childcare capabilities.
The Nanny or Babysitter has experience with the following age groups:
6 months - teens
The Nanny or Babysitter has the following interests and hobbies:
I am, and always have been a very diverse person with many interests and life experiences. I love trying new things and challenging myself in anyway. I am a huge traveler who has traveled over 20 countries, living and working in 3 of these. Traveling has influenced me greatly and has taught me some of my most valuable lessons! I am a big outdoor fan who loves most Colorado sports activities including mtn. biking, snowboarding, hiking, trail running, camping and wake-boarding. Living a healthy lifestyle physically, mentally, and spiritually is one of my top values that has become a priority. I am intrigued with personal development and am enjoying my newest endeavor. After completing a year long intensive program, I am now a certified professional life coach and love it!
Level of education:
BS in Elementary Education and Minor in Spanish. University of Vermont.
Do you have additional skills or certifications:
Certified Life Empowerment Coach. CPR/First Aid Certified.
Describe your childcare style:
I am a warm and energetic person who embraces honesty, love, and respect. I believe in boundaries and establishing expectations so that there is a clear and consistent understanding. Connection is important to me, so I strive to connect not only with the children, but with the parents as well. The same holds true with communication. When building relationships with both children and parents, gentle, yet honest communication goes far. Knowing that each child is an individual with their own needs, I do my best to remain compassionate, open-minded and flexible. Supporting them in the best way possible is my goal! Having worked with many different families, I do understand that everyone has a unique style of parenting and values, so I will always be open and respectful to this.
What activities do you like to do with children:
I am a very energetic and outdoorsy person, so I like to get kids outside as much as possible. My favorite activities are going to parks, the pool, riding bikes, hiking and more! If allowed, I love planning little excursions to museums, libraries, or anything fun! I encourage playing, reading, board games and puzzles. I am actually pretty good! I highly support imagination, sports, crafts and really helping kids learn the ropes of life at an early age. I am a life long learner so I am naturally drawn to seeking new experiences that are educational and character building for children. Some of my fondest memories with children are ones where it was simple. Just hanging out, bonding, and lots and lots of laughing!
Why are you interested in working as a Nanny or Babysitter?
I love children and enjoy creating a fun, yet safe environment for them to learn and grow. I am very interactive and energetic so the energy and minds of children keeps me feeling alive and purposeful!
What qualities are important in a Nanny or Babysitter?
Honest. Reliable. Kind. Compassionate. Patient. Present. Positive. Mature. Trustworthy. Experienced. Energetic. Interactive. Safe. Flexible!
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