Boulder, CO 80305

I'm also willing to work as:
On Call Babysitter
Elder Care (non-medical)
Last Minute
Mildly Ill
  Pet Sitter
House Sitter
Party Assistant
I am interested in permanent:
Nanny, Summer
Nanny, Temporary
Available for:
Nanny, live-out
Desired weekly schedule:
Occasional evenings and weekends. Or afternoons after 2:30 pm.
Salary range:
$12 - $16
Are you currently in school?
Can you stay one year?
If not, why?
Summer job only.
Do you prefer Summer only?
Willing to work with the following types of children?
School age
Do you smoke?
Would you work with a family that does?
Do you have a driver's license?
Do you have your own transportation?
Willing to do additional tasks:
Are pets ok:
Any allergies:
If yes, please list:
What languages do you speak?
What is your primary language?
Can you swim:
Do you have children you would like to accompany you:
What are their ages:
Would you consider a Share a Nanny Situation:
The Nanny or Babysitter has the following experience:
I grew up with a younger sibling so as soon as I was old enough I was constantly babysitting her. I have also babysat for a variety of children growing up. I even babysat a child from the age of 2 until he was 9! I have a B.A. in Elementary Education from the University of Iowa. Last summer I was a nanny for two girls ages 8 and 12. I have also worked as a preschool teacher for three years during the summer program. This past year I worked as a first/second grade teacher at a private school. I have been working as a nanny for two families since August. My morning family consists of a four and one year old. Both are girls. We love going to the park, riding bikes, visiting the Children's museum, and the public library. In the afternoon I worked with two girls ages 5 and 6. We had a lot of fun after school going to the movies, playing outside or at the park, walking around Pearl Street, and hiking!
The Nanny or Babysitter has experience with the following age groups:
Baby through teen.
The Nanny or Babysitter has the following interests and hobbies:
I love being active and being outdoors! I love biking and hiking when the weather is nice. I also love learning! As a teacher I find it is very important to become a life-long learner. In the cold months you will find me under a blanket reading a book. I love to travel on road trips around the country. I LOVE cooking. I enjoy making meals for others--I often have dinner parties for my friends and family.
Level of education:
B.A in Elementary Education from the University of Iowa.
Do you have additional skills or certifications:
CPR, Polite French.
Describe your childcare style:
I like to develop a system of childcare that is structured but also fun and flexible. I think it is important to explain the reasoning behind the rules you put in place. This way children are more likely to follow them and respect them. Activities I develop are child-centered and brain-based. They are also activities based on the children's interests. If children are engaged I believe there will not be many behavior issues. If an issue does arise I take care of it calmly, patiently, and appropriately.
What activities do you like to do with children:
I love to do anything outdoors! It's always fun to hike, bike, swim, rollerblade, you name it! I also love reading with children. Reading aloud is very important and I make a point to do it often. I also love cooking with children, no matter the age they are always engaged in the kitchen. I love doing arts and crafts and creating things from recycled materials. Anything creative!
Why are you interested in working as a Nanny or Babysitter?
I have always loved taking care of children and being a supportive adult in a child's life. This is why I love teaching. I like to make an impact on the world with our future. I feel that being a nanny is an innate quality within me. It comes naturally and easily.
What qualities are important in a Nanny or Babysitter?
Patience and trustworthiness are the most important qualities in a nanny. The adult must trust you to take care of their child but the child must trust you to supportive, loving, and caring. It is also vital to always be patient when dealing with children. It is important to remain calm and collected even if the caregiver is frustrated. It is important to listen and assess all situations before making any decisions. And of course a nanny must be caring and loving.
Additional comments:
I feel I will truly be a wonderful caretaker and role model in your child's life. I have always cared for children. Since I am young, I have energy and a fresh perspective on the world. I will use my creativity to reach the heart of what your child needs in order to grow and change to become a positive impact on the world!