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Nanny, live-out
Desired weekly schedule:
I am ideally interested in a structured and consistent position of 25-35 hours/week! I would be open to the possibility of working occasional weekend and overnight jobs but it greatly depends on my schedule and the clients!
Salary range:
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The Nanny or Babysitter has the following experience:
Throughout middle school and high school, I worked as a coach, tutor, babysitter, and nanny for children of all ages for local families such as neighbors and friends. When I went to college at the reputable University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, I decided to focus on Speech and Hearing Science (especially child and language development) for the first two years. I eventually veered off of that course and earned a BS degree in health education and rehabilitation science. I completed a semester long undergraduate internship working as a "lead teacher" in the two and four year old classrooms at a private preschool. This was great experience as I was able to teach toddlers in a creative and effective manner while I increased my knowledge about child behaviors and tendencies! This is when I strengthened my skills of patience, direct communication, empathy, and acceptance of surprise! Upon finishing my undergraduate studies, I decided to go to graduate school for MS degrees in Psychology and Communications. I took courses in which were specialized in child and adolescent functioning, behavior, and education. Throughout this time, I consistently worked with one family in particular being that the parents were professors at the university. During these seven years, I worked with their oldest children (ages 4 and 6 to begin) as well as their premature twins (age of infancy to begin). I became extremely close with this family while seeing them approximately 25-30 hours per week by the time I was in my graduate studies. I would drive the children to activities, prepare food, help with homework, and even stay over night/weekends with all four children. At the end of my five years in graduate school, I worked as a Director of Continuing Education for adults with developmental disabilities. These adults presented with cognitive abilities that resembled 5-10 years old. This role tested every professional skill that I possessed and I was much better for it at the end of the day! I became more sensitive to the child mindset and adaptive in my interactions! I moved back to my "home land" and began working as a clinical child and adolescent therapist for clients who were ages 3-21 years old (talk about a BROAD spectrum)! This role consisted of providing one-on-one therapy with a set case load as well as providing intensive on-call crisis stabilization treatment to children and adolescents all over the county!
The Nanny or Babysitter has experience with the following age groups:
I have worked extensively with children and adolescents (ages infant-21 years old) and adults with developmental disabilities.
The Nanny or Babysitter has the following interests and hobbies:
I enjoy spending time with my husband, exploring outdoors (i.e. hiking), listening to live music (i.e. concerts), traveling, being with family & friends, enjoying new restaurants, and much more!
Level of education:
I have earned two Master of Science (MS) degrees in Psychology/Counseling and Health Communications.
Do you have additional skills or certifications:
CPR, Clinical Therapy; Language/Communications Specialist; Curriculum/Activity Development
Describe your childcare style:
I am a very organized, fun-loving, patient, and understanding person! I think that children will do their best if given behavior expectations (i.e. rules, structure, routine) in a supportive and encouraging manner! I am always smiling! Throughout my experiences, I have come to develop a childcare style that follows the idea that a loving and caring environment (i.e. nurture) is essential for children to develop and grow! Every child needs structure AND hugs so that the rapport is present between a caregiver and the children! I think that children and nannies (alike) thrive if they feel respected and cared for! Respect is essential for strong rapport which in turn promotes a healthy environment filled with care, routine, structure, AND fun/happiness/laughter!
What activities do you like to do with children:
Arts/Crafts, Outdoor Activities, Reading/Writing, Singing, Educational Games, Growth and Development, etc.
Why are you interested in working as a Nanny or Babysitter?
As indicated by my past experiences, I have always enjoyed working with children! I love the ability that children have to see the world in a different light! Children are so loving, trusting, and hopeful and I believe that professionals have the ability to greatly influence their lives. Positive role models and support systems are vital to the well-being of children and families! I would like to be a helpful addition to a family who needs that extra support!
What qualities are important in a Nanny or Babysitter?
Patience, Understanding, Ability to adapt, Safety conscious, Energetic, Positive, Direct, Organized
Additional comments:
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