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  Pet Sitter
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I am interested in permanent:
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Available for:
Nanny, live-out
Desired weekly schedule:
Currently, I am available throughout the summer months from 12:40 and after or 10:45 AM and before, and am flexible with weekends, evenings, and hours during the week. I am willing to do Monday through Friday consistently and am open to discuss Saturday and Sunday hours as well. My availability will change once the school year starts but I am open to working throughout the school year as my class schedule allows.
Salary range:
Are you currently in school?
Can you stay one year?
If not, why?
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Willing to work with the following types of children?
School age
Do you smoke?
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The Nanny or Babysitter has the following experience:
As a camp counselor, I worked planning games with kids, transporting them safely, going on fun field trips, teaching an arts and crafts class as well as a Fun With Food class, spent time with the kids in the pool, and more. On top of this I also have experience with babysitting and at-home care of children from infant to school age.
The Nanny or Babysitter has experience with the following age groups:
I worked consistently with children ages 4-14 but I have also babysat for infant-aged children and toddlers.
The Nanny or Babysitter has the following interests and hobbies:
I love to read, be outside, go do and see cool things (like museums, movies, hikes, pool, etc), love to learn, travel, and adventure!
Level of education:
I am a student at CU Boulder set to graduate in 2019.
Do you have additional skills or certifications:
Renewing CPR - I have been certified in CPR and First Aid training 3 times, as well as a 3 day long childcare training for four summers in a row. This training included conflict resolution, speaking styles, activity planning, and pool safety
Describe your childcare style:
I am very interactive with kids, love to play games, plan fun things to do, engage with the kids in fun activities that they'll enjoy like coloring, painting, art projects, sports games, pool time, movies, etc. I love to keep the kids and myself busy so there isn't any boredom, but I also know when to plan in down time. I'm very patient with my discipline style and like to talk through issues or bad behavior so that the kids truly know why what they were doing was wrong.
What activities do you like to do with children:
As stated above, I love keeping kids busy and planning fun things for them to do. If possible I'd love to plan cool out-of-the-house activities for the kids to experience, like child-oriented museums, cool parks, going to the movies, and a lot of fun outdoor things we can do in the summer months. I am also great with entertaining the kids at home, doing things like playing sports in the backyard, coloring, swimming (if there is a neighborhood pool), doing fun baking together (depending on age and ability), art projects (clay, coloring, painting, etc.). I am also open to a more laid back schedule if the kids are too young, and am honestly open to whatever amount of activity the kids/their parents are up for.
Why are you interested in working as a Nanny or Babysitter?
I love kids and have a lot of experience working with children, and overall think working with kids puts a positive tone to my day. I am a caregiver at heart and love to look after people, and I believe that kids keep our imagination running and spirits high. I also love feeling like I am a positive role model in a child's life, and love feeling like I can make an impact!
What qualities are important in a Nanny or Babysitter?
Nannies and babysitters should be responsible, caring, patient, and reliable. They should be fun loving, positive, and good with kids and these are all qualities I believe I embody.
Additional comments:
I look forward to meeting you!